How can I quickly view the volume of an npm package when using it?

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When using an npm package, how can you quickly view the volume of the package and the packages it depends on?

If you use a request package ( …
var request = require(‘request’);

Found that the package it depends on is a large list:
knoword-client, tenon-node, podcast-parser, salaries-indeed, carwings2, nullbot-client, vpm-http, tsheets-sdk, gh-release, convo-builder, firmament, bower-art-resolver, gmail-batch-stream, nwjs-download, yo-kf5, smartcitizen, enclout-node, sdh-core-bot, static-code-analysis, hget, oai-pmh, neocrawler, planet-stream, jrequest, hdwallet, oys, goproh4, wolly, ghost-cli, mjtb-unidata, clack, twitch-api, tessel, dicio, cleverbot,, node-gh-trending, lookupstuff, warmup, grasshopper-core, spacekit, hkit, bugsnag, coviu-sdk-oauth2, samplr, grunt-mustache-render, reddit-subs, hds-js-sdk, feed-read, bot-canalplus, and more
Moreover, these dependencies have their own dependencies, which recursively go to the leaf package.

If used in Node.js, of course, no problem.
However, if webpack or other packaging tools are used in browser, it is worrying how much volume it will eventually add to the front-end files.

In addition to directly looking at the size of dist/packname.min.js in github corresponding to npm package and the number of its dependencies, is there any better way? Thank you! ! !

You can use this tool …To view the dependencies and size of each library after the webpack is packaged.