How can mongoose further filter the key for the documents it queries?

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1. Through the static method added in the schema layer, the collection of array documents is found out. How to further delete the unwanted key values

 var ProductSchema = new mongoose.Schema({
 productId: Number,
 productTitle: String,
 productCover: {
 url: String,
 description : String
 categroyType: Number,
 ProductSchema.statics.getByCategory = function(category,cb){
 return this.where('categroyType').equals(category).select({_id:0,meta:0,__v:0})
 Then the model layer directly uses the static method, ignoring the module dependency of the model ~
 if (err){
 How can document collection in the form of array found here in console.log(product) // delete unnecessary key-value pairs?

Only provide ideas, not verified.

Method 1: delete item one by one

Call remove for every item in product inside

return Promise.all(>item.remove()))

Method 2: delete according to id

Extract all ids in product

return Product.remove({_id:{$>item._id)}},{multi:true})