How do you start or get used to reading official documents or English materials?

  node.js, question

It is found that a lot of information needs to be found in the learning process, and some people may say that one of the best ways to learn is to look at the official api, and then there is such a problem. How do you start to get used to it? Recently there is an original js book, I wonder if I can read it. . .
How did you start?

At first, you can look at English documents in a demand-oriented way. For example, you can look up official documents, official tutorials, StackOverflow to find solutions, GitHub to refer to open source code and so on when you encounter specific problems.

It is not recommended to read the whole text directly by machine. It is better to look up words you do not understand in a dictionary.

After that, you can start reading English documents and tutorials initiatively. It is better to start from the official point of view. The deviation is relatively small. I don’t know how to improve later, because I am only at this stage.