How does everyone look at the source code

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I found myself looking at the source code with low efficiency.

How does everyone read the source code? Share your experience!

Fully understand what open source libraries/frameworks you are looking at

What does this product do, what are the commonly used modules, what are the commonly used APIs for each module, what are the calling scenarios for each API, and the parameter is What? -read more documents


Whether it is to use actual projects or to write demo programs, real knowledge comes from practice and awareness and understanding are strengthened.

Learn from the previous experience

The mainstream libraries/frameworks basically have all kinds of “source code analysis” series. Don’t look at other people’s articles, but try to look at the source code yourself. If you get stuck in some places, you can google the articles summarized by others.

Multiple debugging

Some places really can’t understand, direct code run, step by step tracking process;

Have a global view

First, quickly browse the overall structure of the source code, and then drill local details;