How does grunt work? Are there any tutorials written by myself that are suitable for beginners?

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Why can grunt run directly on this tutorial?

I followed the above tutorial. But why can’t I run grunt?

Grunt’s official website tutorial is for experts.
However, our novice took many detours and got stuck in how to run grunt from time to time.
I have installed npmsTALL-grunt-cli.
The following are my installed ones

I am really confused!
Does www/node_modules need to be placed in the path environment variable?
I feel as if nodejs is useless in the C disc. This WWW is on the E-disc! There is no relationship between the two.
Grunt depends on nodejs. but how do you make grunt work?

I still hope that the experts and the solved problems can share the detailed tutorials. Thank you very much.

At that time, when studying Grunt, it was really a headache. It was divided into two periods, and it was only after studying twice that it was hard to chew it down before it could be used in the project. The main reason I think is that the learning materials and documents are too high. This kind of document or data has a remarkable feature. First, let’s briefly introduce this gadget (Grunt is a JavaScript task operator). Then, how to install it, directly give you the syntax of the configuration file, and how to use plug-ins. Novice will often return to not know why it is so after reading it.



I have no idea what it is like.

I have been developing with windows. In theory,npm install -g grunt-cliAfter this line of commands is completed, the windows command line can use grunt.

There are: hope it will help.