How does hexo resolve markdown underline with backslash, and how does it use other markdown rendering engines?

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  1. Every time after writing an article in some markdown editors, since LaTeX is often used with a large number of underscores, backslashes should be added before all underscores in the article to avoid confusion. In this way, the md of hexo is different from the pure md written.

  2. The markdown rendering engine built in hexo cannot support rendering for some complex formulas, which makes me very headache. The written formulas need to be cut into graphs before they can be published. How to use other markdown rendering engines?

Thank you, h404bi, for your answer. this pit has been in existence for a long time. now it is filled up ….

The main thing is that articles edited on some md editors stick to hexo, if added{percentage raw percentage} {percentage endraw percentage}Such as different from the original article, every release to modify = _ = later find a way to directly modify the content of Markdown:

This conflict is mainly caused by escaping \ and _. Found marked script file, usually in


Back up first and then modify line 449

Escape:/\ \ ([\ \ ` * {} \ [\] () # plus \-!  _>])/,


Escape:/\ \ ([` * \ [\] () # plus \-!  _>])/,

Line 847

Return '<em >' plus text plus' < /em >';

Amend to read:

Return '_' plus text plus' _';

Not recommended, but this is how I have solved it at present.