How does nodejs get the local IP in LAN

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Next week, I will show my classmates an online game. I will open a server on my computer to let them access the game through connection. However, because the ip is not fixed, I have to change the url of the server in the client file every time. So can you tell the students my computer ip address and then let them directly enter ip and port access into the browser to enter the game, but I hope the client can dynamically obtain the server ip instead of Hard coding’s; What I said may not be clear. I used the client has a method io.connect(url), so it must know this url. Actually, it can be obtained from the address bar of the browser, but it doesn’t feel very good. Does anyone have a better method, kiss you

var os=require('os'),
 for (var dev in ifaces) {
 if ('IPv4') {
 Iptable [devga?  :' plus alias:'')]=details.address;