How does the seven cows return to the outer chain address

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According to the code on the document

var qiniu = require("qiniu");
 qiniu.conf.ACCESS_KEY = '';
 qiniu.conf.SECRET_KEY = '';
 //Space to Upload
 bucket = 'tryzf';
 //File name saved after uploading to Seven Cattle
 key = 'test.jpg';
 //Build Upload Policy Function
 function uptoken(bucket, key) {
 Varputpolicy = (bucketplus ":"plus key);
 return putPolicy.token();
 //Generate Upload Token
 token = uptoken(bucket, key);
 //Local path of file to upload
 filePath = './ruby-logo.png'
 //Construct upload function
 function uploadFile(uptoken, key, localFile) {
 var extra = new;, key, localFile, extra, function(err, ret) {
 if(!  err) {
 Console.log(ret.key 'this is key I need ke');
 // console.log(ret.hash, ret.key, ret.persistentId);
 } else {
 //Upload failed, processing return code
 Log ('This is Run error');
 function add_header_img(file_Path){
 uploadFile(token, key, file_Path);
 module.exports = {add_header_img : add_header_img};

Add_header_img (passed a local picture address) in an exception
The picture was uploaded to the seven cows, but the code inside the successful callback was not executed and the error was not executed.

Well, this is the code on the document. There should be no problem on the normal document.

You may have to paste the code you called, and you also have to make sure that the policy you uploaded is correct.

Qiniu seems to have a page with a verification policy