How does the website implement CDN-like services to connect users’ https certificates with custom Addon domain?

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Recently, I met the user’s demand and wanted to bind my domain name for online service redistribution. Due to the need to ensure https access throughout the station, it is planned to make it similar to the 7-Niu CDN, which will allow users to provide their own domain name and https certificate key pair to be stored in the database. I hope I can know how to realize such service in general.

At present, I have tried to passnode.jsSNI logic for backend https can be implemented relatively simply (no need to consider lower version browsers), and certificates existing in MongoDB can be distributed according to different domain names. After that, we plan to use nginx’s TCP forwarding or HAProxy to do external load balancing and cooperate with SNI to realize corresponding services.

I don’t know how ordinary CDN service providers realize similar services. I hope Daniel can provide better suggestions.

This has become dns.