How exactly does ui-router realize Single-page application?

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Is there a good example
It is hoped to realize the realization of the left toolbar and the right information bar.
The information bar on the right can also be clicked layer by layer.
That is, there is only one ui-view in common.
According to the existing tutorial, I can only achieve 2 levels.
The third layer cannot be entered, the address is displayed, but ui-view does not cover the original
Many online tutorials have only 2 levels, which is also very strange. Is there no such requirement?

This is a nested route, using $stateProvider. In fact, you can view it as a series of route configurations that trigger the corresponding view when the rules are met. I have seen the left click, the right side appears some commodity lists, then click in the commodity details, if this is the effect you want. Then, the angular official has demo phonecat (there is only one on the first and second floors)