How is HTML compiled by HtmlWebpackPlugin rendered and inserted by the server

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For example, let the webpack compile the template engine by:

plugins: [
 new HtmlWebpackPlugin({
 title: 'This is a webpack testtttttt',
 chunks: ['common', 'test'],
 template: path.join(PATH.FRONTEND_PATH, './templates', 'test.pug'),
 filename: path.join(PATH.HTML_OUTPUT_PATH, 'test_bundle.html')
 loaders: [
 { test: /\.pug$/, loader: "pug"},

Documents obtainedtest_bundle.html, want to passexpressOr ..KoaOther server-side languages are rendered and values are inserted into the file when rendering HTML (just like normal server-side rendering HTML templates).

But now the problem, I am intest.pugPlaceholders written in will be filtered out after HtmlWebpackPlugin is compiled. To a great god?

Do you want to use the same template engine to render the front and back ends? Then pay attention to different settingsDelimiter, or the front end will give you all rendering