How many companies use node.js at the back end and why PHPJava is full of recruitment information

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The old feeling is that node.js has no market appearance, please tell me this is an illusion! !
After practicing the magic skill of node.js, the back end can’t walk any further and must turn to the front end? ?

To be honest, Node.js is not an efficient back-end system. It has neither the high running efficiency of Java nor the long-term optimization and expansion accumulation of PHP. Even some of its basic ideas (such as single thread model) are not suitable for the requirements of large server backend. In general, the emergence of Node.js itself pays too much attention to development efficiency and does not pay too much attention to operation efficiency. This may be good for some start-up companies or individuals, but once the company grows or large projects have been formed, the server system with Node.js as the main body will not be selected.