How reasonable is the front-end directory structure of vue plus Seajs plus spm plus FIS for technology selection?

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How is the front-end directory structure of the above-mentioned technology selection reasonable enough, everyone give some advice, thank you

Seajs is no longer maintained.

At present, the mainstream solution is to develop modules based on Commonjs or es6 modules. Before browsers generally support es6 modules, the mission of the module loader can be entrusted to the building tools. Both webpack and fis have their own relevant solutions. Therefore, the pit can be abandoned.

FIS Feeling Has Been Stagnating

The community is not strong enough.

As a result, most of Vue’s official supporting tools are based on webpack.

If you want to develop Vue based on FIS, when you encounter similar scenarios, you will find that either no solution can be found, or the existing solution (not to mention the quality) has not been maintained for a long time. For a very basic tool like vue-loader, if there is no official team or community maintenance, even if they and the team have the ability, they will bring extra workload, which needs to be weighed.

Iteration is slow

It has been almost two years since the author left Baidu and released FIS3.

It may be that the existing functions are already relatively stable, and there is basically no commit on github except for many small white ISSUE as usual.

It is not clear whether the current league is in a state of maintenance or not, and whether there are any long-term plans for FIS. I feel that the future is uncertain.


Different from the positioning of the webpack, they have their own advantages and disadvantages-the general difference is that the webpack takes js as its entry and fis takes html as its entry.

As the leader of my front-end construction learning, it feels particularly awkward to learn FIS first and then to learn webpack. Many functions feel like black magic and do not have the “elegance” realized in FIS.

The so-called elegance, in terms of the past development habits, multi-page application is given priority to, with html as the entrance to the idea is easy to accept. However, compared with two years of use, js is used as the entrance to realize modularization, which is more “elegant” in most scenes.

In the past two years, I feel that the webpack is becoming more and more demonized and omnipotent in its continuous evolution and development.


Technical selection: vue plus webpack

The directory structure is roughly as follows:

Json-related configuration
 Build -- build
 Dist -- output catalogue
 Src -- source code
 |-Pages If Multiple Pages
 |—— home.vue
 |—— other.vue
 |-components component
 |-utils tool function