How to Become a web full stack engineer?

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How to Become a Qualified full stack engineer?
JS for technology stack

For example:

1. What books do you need to read in front-end field?  For example: JS elevation, rhinoceros book, etc
 2. What technologies do front-end areas need to master?  For example: JavaScript, Css, Html, etc
 3. What popular frameworks do front-end areas have?  For example: react, vue, etc
 4. What technologies need to be mastered in the back-end field?  For example: nodejs, redis, nginx, etc
 5. How can I accumulate relevant project experience during the learning process?
 6.   ...

Welcome to add, also look forward to elder advice.

-add a little bit on September 26, 2016-
1. What are the recommended books on 1.http knowledge?
2. What books about 2.browser can be recommended? Or learning channels?

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