How to build such a blog?

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The blog address is here:, I did lose a link and ran away because I was busy with my work. . . Now add a question: I’m trying to build a personal blog on github using hexo, but I fork jekyll on github again. Once the two are confused, I don’t know how to do it. My current approach is to build hexo locally, and create a GitName. github. IO project on GitHub, and synchronize it, but now the page can’t get out. The project directory is as follows: So come and ask everyone greatly, and look at not stint!图片描述

Basically, it has been put up and the address is here. you for your answer!

The blog program is a Hexo document. Look at this:
The blog theme is Next (scheme: Mist not enabled) Document Look at this:

Hexo generates static pages (the generated files are placed in the public directory). As for whether you want to host them or host them in github or gitcafe, it is optional and not important. If you place them in github, upload the files in the public directory.

PS: Actually, this problem can be solved by looking at the documents casually.