How to call a method in Java jar package (pass in parameters and return results) on node side?

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Because the authentication interface provided by the partner isjarPackage files are now required atnodeEnd calljarFor an interface in the package, the incoming parameter is required to return.
Now only know that can passchild_processRun the wholejarBags.
Ask how to call one of the interfaces and pass in the parameters. Thank you very much.

Node tunes jar packages only through JVM, that is, java or javaw commands. You need to use nodejs child_process to implement it.

Then the problem shifts to java.

The program to be called through java, whether jar or class, must be definedstatic void mainMethods. However, depending on what you mean, you just want to use its class library, which cannot be done by Node alone under normal circumstances.

Can you take a looknode-jvmHowever, it seems to be similar to child_process