How to connect multiple databases and return data after obtaining query results?

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You don’t look like nodejs Cheng Xuyuan?
How do you write node in other languages?

I suddenly didn’t figure out what to do. . .

var urlAry = [{
 name: 1,
 url: "mongodb://localhost:27017:test1"},
 name: 2,
 url: "mongodb://localhost:27017:test2"},
 name: 3,
 url: "mongodb://localhost:27017:test3"},

Then each database will have a test table and query the {test:”123″}

There is no train of thought now. . . Ask for advice. . . Can’t write this.body={} in callback?

Npm inside finds a packet that initiates a synchronization request, and then synchronizes one execution after another, piecing together a json