How to get filePath for seven cows upload

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Chrome’s path is c: how can I get the path to upload files, please

Under reference

<script type="text/javascript">
 var Sys = {};
 var ua = navigator.userAgent.toLowerCase();
 var s;
 (s = ua.match(/msie ([\d.] plus)/)? = s[1] :
 (s = ua.match(/firefox\/([\d.] plus)/)?  Sys.firefox = s[1] :
 (s = ua.match(/chrome\/([\d.] plus)/)? = s[1] :
 (s = ua.match(/opera.([\d.] plus)/)?  Sys.opera = s[1] :
 (s = ua.match(/version\/([\d.] plus). *safari/)?   Sys.safari = s[1] : 0;
 //Test below
 If ( document.write('IE:' plus;
 If (Sys.firefox) document.write ('firefox:' plus sys.firefox);
 If ( document.write ('chrome:' plus;
 If (Sys.opera) document.write ('opera:' plus sys.opera);
 If (Sys.safari) document.write ('safari:' plus sys.safari);