How to Get Full Data from Streamlined Data in DataTables.

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ArtTemplate renders data to a row of datatables in the following format:
<td>{{value.content.length >= 50 ? Value.content.substr(0,50) plus’ ..’: value.content}}</td >
< td><button > view details < /button></td >
Due to the limit of column width, some characters are shortened. However, I want to read all the contents after looking at the details later.
With $ ($ (‘# DataTables-Examples’). Find (“TR”) [Index]). Find (“TD”) [1]. Text Content is a statement that only takes out the data with “..” suffix in the clicked line.
How to solve this problem?

This way of thinking:

< div data-content= "parts of our country will have heavy rain tomorrow" > parts of our country will have ... < /div >