How to Get Variable Values in Ajax Refresh Pages?

  node.js, question

Do a multi-criteria screening page, when running, occasionally the query A request that is sent earlier takes longer than the request B that is sent later, resulting in that B has updated the page, and A brushes the page again, resulting in the screening content not matching the criteria. So I just want to be lazy and make a timestamp comparison, and the old request will be discarded. Of course, I don’t know if this idea is right … The code is as follows:

$(document).ready(function() {
 var timeStamp;
 $(".searchElement").change(function() {
 var url = "/Admin/CustomerOrder/list_partial/";
 $.get(url, {
 customerID: $("#customer").attr('real-value'),
 productID: $("#product").attr('real-value'),
 status: $("#status").val(),
 fromTime: $("#fromTime").val(),
 toTime: $("#toTime").val(),
 }, function(particalPage) {
 if (backtimestamp==timeStamp)
res.render('admin/customerorder_list_partial', {
 rs: recordset[0],
 backtimestamp: req.query.timeStamp

After rendering in the background, how do I get the value of the variable backtimestamp in the ajax code block?

I embedded a Hidden field in the template page inside, but this will only have a value when the page is requested and filled for the first time, so it is only necessary to judge whether the null value is less than the timestamp of the current request and write it, without obtaining the backtimestamp of the current return. At present, we haven’t met anyone who can’t write it, so wait and see.