How to improve the overall design ability of JS project?

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I was born in Java, wrote Android, also wrote PHP, and later learned Web front end development. Now I work with my friends to make NodeJs as the back-end WebAPP.

At present, there is a feeling that our previous level was at best the level of building a bungalow, but the current project is like building skyscrapers, and there is always a feeling that we are unable to do what we want and do not know what to learn. HTML,CSS,JS all learned some frameworks similar to Vue and also understood Gulp. However, according to the current working methods, there are still many problems.

For example:
1. The code management is very messy. I feel that every file has written a lot of miscellaneous things. The file coupling is very serious (vue is not used for the time being).
2. The code is not standardized, and everyone is writing according to their own ideas. It doesn’t matter when doing projects in the past. Anyway, the pages are thrown one at a time, and maintenance is rarely continued. However, the current project is relatively large, and it will definitely face the problem of replacement maintenance in the future. I don’t know what to do, and I don’t know if there is a ready-made standard to follow.

May I ask you, how can we improve the present situation? Is there any relevant learning materials to recommend?
I really appreciate it.

This problem is very similar to the situation where martial arts practitioners have entered the stage of “all moves can be done, but internal skills are not good, but they do not know how to practice”. I hope I can get some advice from experts.

I thought those who turned from the back end knew all about this.