How to initialize the value of upload file < input type="file ">?

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A page for editing products with uploaded pictures (<input type="file" >)
Then when the page is initialized, php sets the page like this< inputname = "imgfile" type = "file" value = "{{PHP code}}" >
If you submit it to the backstage again, you won’t be able to receive it.
I know this bug and would like to ask what good solutions are available here.
Ps: This is not asynchronous upload.

This value cannot be initialized, so the common initialization code is like this

<input type="file">
 <?  php if (!   empty($existFile)):?  >
 <span><?  php echo $existFile?  ></span>
 <?  php endif;  ?  >

Because the value of < input id =’ FIA Formula 1 World Championship’ type = file > is an internal browser object, not an ordinary string, alert ($ (‘# FIA Formula 1 World Championship’). val ()) actually sees the value returned by the object’s toString method, not the object itself.
Some of the above keywords are inaccurate, but to the effect that.