How to learn nodejs effectively?

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Background: One year’s experience in front end development, mainly developing angular related projects, familiar with typescript, good command of es5

I have also found many tutorials on the Internet, but they are older, many of which were two or three years ago. I used express to build a blog after following some tutorials (yes, blog is the favorite of all tutorials. . . ), is the kind of addition, deletion, modification and check, but I think I’m just taking a picture of the cat!

I hope my parents can teach you how to learn node at the beginning and provide some useful tutorials, preferably in detail.

How about typescript developing node now? Is it efficient? It would be even better to have a demo.

Thank you!

Draw a tiger with a cat as a model—copy is not his own and has not digested it. The best thing is to write a project according to his own wishes. If he doesn’t understand it, he can look it up again. He can imitate excellent projects and realize his own functions.