How to open inline mode using webpack-dev-server in Gulp?

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Can you tell me how to open inline mode when configuring webpack-dev-server in Gulp?

The configuration is as follows:

entry: {
 Index: srcDir plus' /entry/index.js',
var myConfig = Object.create(require('./'));
 myConfig.devtool = 'eval';
 myConfig.debug = true;
 var compiler = webpack(myConfig);
 new WebpackDevServer(compiler, {
 stats: { colors: true },
 // hot: true,
 historyApiFallback: false,
 contentBase: './src/',
 publicPath: '/js/',
 // quiet: false,
 // noInfo: false,
 inline: true,
 lazy: false,
 proxy: {
 '*': 'http://localhost:3000'
 }).listen(8080, 'localhost', function(err) {

There is no such parameter. You have to entry again as follows

var config = require(“./webpack.config.js”);“webpack-dev-server/client?http://localhost:8080″);
var compiler = webpack(config);
var server = new webpackDevServer(compiler, {…});