How to open js file in window\System32\xxx\ with compiler?

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Recently, I just started to contact nodejs and angularjs. According to the tutorial, I have issued some project packages through the command line. These packages are stored under the directory window\System32. When I open an html file or js file with the compiler, the code is not displayed and cannot be modified and compiled! ! ! !
The folder has been given full control with the highest authority, but there is still no way out.
I hope all great gods can give me a solution!

First, let’s put aside the issue of permissions. Why are you installed in the system folder?
The local installation of npm is installed in the current path and the global installation is installed in the default global installation path of npm. Does your global installation path point to the system folder path? You can pass
npm config get prefix
View the global installation path.
Npm config set prefix= path
To change the global installation path, hoping to help you.