How to operate functions between different pages of ionic

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I would like to ask the following figure: how do I add the data I entered on the add tag page to the ability specialty page after clicking save? oh, I wrote an addition method, but I found that only click events on the same page can be invoked, and cross-page ones like this cannot be invoked. Thank you very much.


This is my addition method written in a controller.

app.controller('labelList', function ($scope) {
 $ scope.labelist = [{name: "background management", percent: "100% "},{name:" Java ",percentage:" 80% "}, {name:" web front end ",percentage:" 70% "}];
 $scope.addLabel = function () {
 var newLabel = {name: " ", percent: " "};
 $scope.delLabel = function (v) {

You can use nesting of routes,图片描述

Bind the shared method to the parent route’s $scope so that the data can also be shared.