How to refresh EJS template page locally?

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Ajax request is triggered normally, Node.js takes data successfully, $(“#contentBox”).html(rs) is blank, and $ (“# contentbox”). html (RS [0]. flownum) can print data. I don’t know how to write this paragraph, please give me some advice!
The code is as follows:

$(".searchElement").change(function() {
 var url = "/Admin/CustomerOrder/Auto/";
 $.get(url, {
 status:  $("#status").val(),
 fromTime: $("#fromTime").val(),
 toTime:  $("#toTime").val(),
 }, function(rs) {
<tbody id="contentBox">
 < percentage RS. foreach (item) {percentage >
 < td class="text-center "> < percentage = item.flowingNum percentage > < /td >
 < percent}) percent >

The data returned after issuing the AJAX request is as follows:

var html=”; //self-spliced Html string
= = = 2016-03-21 13: 28 Update = = = =
The result of your request /Admin/CustomerOrder/Auto/ is Json.
If the Express framework is adopted in the background, res.render(‘view’) can be used; Returns rendered html.
Then you can directly $(“#contentBox”).html(html); The