How to Solve User Malicious Registered

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The company’s web platform mobile phone number is registered. Is there a good solution in Malicious Registered? Although the number of malicious brush registrations is small, is there a solution?
1. Record the registrant cookie, ip to prevent Malicious Registered (clear cookie, change ip)Not used in the project

2. Mobile phone verification code (currently met someone collecting verification code through third-party service …. speechless)In use in the project

3. Prevent software from replacing brush (graphic verification code added)In use in the project

May I ask the great gods if they have this method of preventing Malicious Registered? Thank you!

This depends on the specific business scenario. Our products also have this problem, but we will restrict it through IP and solve most of the problems.
Another scheme is that the front end uses js to generate encrypted strings, and then the back end reverses the solution. If you compress your front-end js code, it is almost difficult for others to see the logic. If you add specific information in the browser, even if users run your js code, they cannot generate a valid token, which ensures that the request must be sent on your website. Hope can help you.