How to transfer the existing H5 Server-based Computing Wechat Official Account?

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Official account on a social networking platform needs an address accessible by the public network, but the test phase requires local development. The original plan isPeanut shell plus tunnel plus local node(pm2)Now this scheme is not very useful and cannot be copied to colleagues.

Is there any’s Better Solution to Local Development Problems?

Source problem: The company’s Wechat Official Account wants to access our H5 page. Possible problems are WeChat user information acquisition, WeChat Pay and sharing. Are these problems related to Wechat Official Account development?

Well, yes, it involves the development of Wechat Official Account
This address is a document developed by Wechat Official Account t=sandbox/login
Official account on a social networking platform Interface testing Account Application

No need for public account, quick application for Interface testing number
 Experience and Test All Advanced Interfaces in official account on a social networking platform Directly