How to use nodejs to analyze 3d model files?

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Recently, there is a project that needs to analyze 3D model files uploaded by users. The file types are 3DS, FDX, DAE and OBJ. Need to get the number of points and flour of the model
How to use nodejs to read the file and how to obtain the information in the model file? Please give some tips to friends who have done relevant work.
Is there an implementation method for foreground Threejs?

I haven’t done any related things, but I know about how to do it. I think it’s good to have a look at the main idea.
First of all, you need to understand the format of 3ds, fbx, obj files. As long as we know clearly, we should be able to find out how many vertices and triangles are mentioned in the document. The format of personal intuition obj is relatively easy to understand, you can try to start with obj and analyze fbx and 3ds. Of course, there is also a possibility that these files directly write down how many faces and how many vertices there are, so even the calculation is not necessary.
The second is to use nodejs to read this file. It feels no difficulty, it is just operation flow.
Thirdly, there is threejs. I vaguely think threejs should support fbx or obj. If I remember correctly, you can directly read the model data with threejs and call the interface of threejs to get the relevant value.
Finally, there should be a ready-made third-party library for this kind of conventional stuff ~ the landlord should look for it carefully on GitHub, and there should be some.