How to use nodemon when using vscode debug nodejs?

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"scripts": {
 "dev": "nodemon -w src --exec \"babel-node src --presets es2015,stage-0\""

Then run npm run dev and the browser will be able to access the project.

Json is configured as follows

 "name": "attach",
 "type": "node",
 "request": "attach",
 "port": 8080,
 "address": "localhost",
 "restart": false,
 "sourceMaps": false,
 "outDir": null,
 "localRoot": "${workspaceRoot}",
 "remoteRoot": null

Then click the run button on vscode to run it, but the box of this run button keeps beating and browser access cannot reach the breakpoint. when running launch button, debug is possible. Why is this?
What was said on the official website was not clear enough. I read the article again.nodemon_vscode, also can’t run up!

Please ask, is it done