How to use the javascript object.getprototype function?

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References sample test mentioned aboveObject.getPrototypeOfThe results of the function are different. They are both in node environment and browser environment.

var proto = { y: 2 };

var obj = { x: 10 };
Object.getPrototypeOf(obj, proto);

proto.y = 20;
proto.z = 40;

if (console && console.log) {
    console.log(obj.x === 10);  // Returns true
    console.log(obj.y === 20);  // Returns true
    console.log(obj.z === 40);  // Returns true

As shown in the above example, the actual printing result is


Seek a solution ..

You look at the code carefully, the third sentence code
Object.getPrototypeOf(obj, proto);

According to the documentation, it should be set upobjThe prototype of isprotoIt’s obviously wrong to write here
Object.setPrototypeOf(obj, proto);

In this way, all three outputs are true.

At the same time,Object.getPrototypeOf(obj)This method takes only one parameter, which is to get the prototype object.