I made a mobile web page and cannot share it with WeChat friends and friends after using it.

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I made a small mobile web page myself, but there were some problems in sharing it. Here are some explanations:

First of all, the web site: a small test page in node.310058.cn
(Note: There are some basic data in this data. The new effective data added by users will also affect the results after eliminating dirty data and duplicate data. As the data are still tested in these two days, the data will be cleaned up at that time. There is no interest correlation and it is just for fun).

Implementation logic: The front end uses a backbone model to load the data input by the user, and then saves it to the mongodb database operated by nodejs, and sends the days and calculated percentage to the front end for callback.
After the front-end callback, a png is synthesized according to the corresponding data and presented to the user. At this time, document.title modifies the title. over。

Now the problem arises: after the results are generated, they cannot be shared in WeChat, and clicking “Send to Friends” under Android has no response. Red exclamation mark after sending under iOS. Sending failed.

I mean to share directly without calling WeChat security interface, WeChat will capture title and the first picture by default, but now it has been unable to share:

(It’s not a network problem. Many computers are like this. This page is not good.)




It is ok to share it as soon as you open it, but it is not ok to share it once you operate it.

I’m looking for advice from my predecessors who have experience in WeChat development.

(web developers who love design, and predecessors who helped solve problems, thank you very much? )

  1. Refer to wechat demo js sdkhttp://
    2. Use If php is used to directly call WeChat permissions,

As shown in the figure:


Your page fault. . .


The sharing was successful. The picture address reading timed out. Please exit WeChat and log in again. The results are as follows:


Modify img_url Address Picture Address:http://node.310058.cn/images/ …