I used antdesign plug-in, why did I have a problem rendering the page after I assigned the DatePicker in Modal inside?

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For example, when DatePicker does not assign a value:
This modal can slide up and down normally.
However, once I have assigned a value to DatePicker, there is a problem when Modal moves up and down.
After my mouse roller moved up and down, modal did not move, but the confirmation and cancellation buttons on modal’s feet were moving.
The control has obviously deviated. .
Question: What would happen?

I haven’t used this before, and what you described is not very clear. Let’s guess

Modal normal sliding up and down refers to the internal normal sliding up and down. It mainly depends on your height. I see that when the dialog box pops up in their source code, the whole html cannot slide. After adding date assignment, it cannot slide. I think it may be that his date plug-in affects the whole css.