In the process of HEXO migration, an error occurred in the original wordpress migration process. YAML reported an error and solved it.

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YAML is not familiar with it. It is felt that the adaptability of hexo-migrator-wordpress may still be a problem.

In use command:
$hexo migrate wordpress ~/Downloads/wordpress.2015-08-10.xml

In, report an error:

 INFO Post found: A Reference for Travel notes
 FATAL Something's wrong. Maybe you can find the solution here:
 JS-YAML: can not read a block mapping entry;  a multiline key may not be an implicit key at line 2, column 5:
 date: 2009-12-25 14:48:45

General location in specific XML:

 32727 <excerpt:encoded><!  [CDATA[]]></excerpt:encoded>
 32728 <wp:post_id>161</wp:post_id>
 32729 <wp:post_date>2009-12-25 22:48:45</wp:post_date>
 32730 <wp:post_date_gmt>2009-12-25 14:48:46</wp:post_date_gmt>
 32731 <wp:comment_status>open</wp:comment_status>
 32732 <wp:ping_status>open</wp:ping_status>

The difference between 46 seconds and 45 seconds is that I specially modified xml for locating problems. However, only this location in the entire xml file now has information related to this point-in-time string.

Now I don’t know where to start.
Please also invite all experienced students to help share their experiences.

JS-YAML will report this mistake when it encounters many problems … but basically it has nothing to do with the position marked by it.

First, delete this article and then migrate to try it out. If there is no problem, there may be a problem with the tag or title of the article. If there are any questions, you can compare the articles that have problems with this article.

YAML has high format requirements, and symbols such as spaces and semicolons are easy to cause problems. At ordinary times, you can manually add double quotation marks or something like that. When migrate, it is more troublesome.