[ios] Do browsers embedded in hybrid App need single instantiation?

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I have learned some knowledge about mixed App before, and then I have learned some node and carried out some practices.
Friends travelIs a hybrid app, the hybrid framework is written by itself, and now plans to separate the hybrid framework and open source

Git address:https://github.com/plusmancn/G5

Now we have a question: Do you need single instantiation for browsers embedded in hybrid App?
As far as I know, the situation is:
Advantages of single instantiation:

  1. It has a certain effect on the memory leak problem disturbing ios webview.
  2. There is no need to repeatedly load js-bridge files and register js-api events.

The disadvantages of single instantiation:

  1. When switching from the native page to the web page, if the browser has already loaded other web pages, there will be an instant black screen (about 0.2 seconds)
  2. The problem of simultaneous call crash is easy to occur.

Startup is set via apple-touch-startup-image