Is nodejs faster than java?

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Do you think nodejs is really more efficient than java in developing web programs? I am familiar with java’s three main frameworks. I know nodejs is easy to build a running web, but an application program is not as simple as the time required to build it. It also depends on whether it is convenient to develop database connections and whether the connections between modules are convenient.

Play liumang is the only one who talks about type selection out of the status quo.
Selection depends on requirements and developers.

I think what you really want to know is the advantages and disadvantages of nodejs.

I’m just saying


  1. Javascript-based is its greatest advantage. This provides nodejs with a large number of potential users.

  2. Nodejs is easy to learn. If you know most of the knowledge of web development, you can quickly develop a simple web app as long as you follow the tutorial and use the appropriate framework.

  3. Nodejs is based on event system and is developed for web development. There is an advantage in io performance (actually forced asynchronous programming).

  4. Nodejs are very popular and the community (open source) is very active. (Related to 1 but not directly related)

  5. As you said, the code density is high. Short code can complete the development task.

  6. (Source 4) Various libraries and frameworks are numerous, new and of good quality. The library that connects to the database or something.


  1. Nodejs are hard to master. Not that ordinary people cannot do anything with nodejs, but because it is a dynamic language and requires high coding quality. Otherwise, you will be trapped in endless debug.

  2. Central Processor has a high cost. It is also because of dynamic language.

  3. Single process/process stability is slightly poor. This can be easily solved through pm2, but it is also a disadvantage.

  4. Based on asynchrony, so there is a thing called callback hell, es5 writing will be ugly.