Is the hot-update file normal after the hot refresh of the webpack?

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In combinationwebpack-dev-middlewareAndwebpack-hot-middlewareAfter the page is refreshed in real time
A large number of
As shown in the figure:图片描述

Inside, the official document of the webpack, mentioned that such documents will appear inoutput.pathIn the corresponding directory, but it has never been encountered before. This time, the two refresh middleware mentioned above were used.

Is it normal to ask for information?



Supplement: where the file appears

webpackThehmr(Hot Module Replacement):

HMR is a way of exchanging modules in a running application (and adding/removing modules). You basically can update changed modules without a full page reload.

Module hot swap refers to the page in theTry not to refreshThe js or css modules referenced by the page will be hot-replaced. Thesehot-updateFiles are files needed for hot replacement, but hot replacement is used in the development environment.productionDo not use.

But ..webpack-dev-middlewareUsingmemory-fs, should not produce entity files