Is the laravel installation laravel elixir package too large?

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As the topic is.
A 250mb empty item 200mb is the file of node_module. .
Is there any way to slim down? Or is there an alternative solution?
PS, in the process of installation, it was found that although gulp was installed to the whole world, it had to be reinstalled in the project, which was not clear. .

There is no solution, this is the optimization problem of npm package manager.

Don’t worry about whether to install gulp globally or locally, it can be used. The advantage of global installation is that it can be installed at one time and used everywhere. As for why the partial installation is done, it is written by package.json. . .

If you use an IDE such as PHPStorm, it will be automatically recognized after partial installation (the IDE integrates gulp components, and the IDE will automatically load the installed gulp executable file after your NPM is installed)