Is the new entry empty when the express framework connects mongodb?

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Beginners node and mongodb, using mongoose to connect to MongoDB, have created new databases, used jade engine, and added items by submitting forms.

The code for handling post requests is as follows:'/tasks',function(req,res){
 var task = new Task(req.body.task);{
 if(!  err){
 } else {

Part of the form:

 legend Add a Task
 label Task
 input(type='submit',value='Save', class='btn primary')
 button(type='reset',class='btn') Cancel

In this case, query the database under mongoldb’s shell.db.todo_development.find(), the result is this form:

{ "_id" : ObjectId("56b0bd8ddf1c1eb4479b0d20"), "__v" : 0 }

Is it because there is no value passed or the value passed is actually empty after new?

1、console.logoncereq.body.taskConfirm that the data has been transferred to the background?
2. Herenew Task()Pass a defined object directly, so that you can know if there is any mistake in the link of storing data …

It seems that express 4.X must install middleware to get parameters from req.body?
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