Is there any setting that allows ESlint not to report __dirname=>var-undef errors

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My Webpack inside has such a thing

output: {
 path: path.resolve(__dirname, '/scripts'),
 publicPath: '/scripts/FlightHotels',
 filename: 'bundle.js'

butESlintAlways complaining about me__dirnameBelong to undefined variable … Is there any way to let him know my environment isnodeJS?
It’s herewarn

 module.exports = {
 "env": {
 "browser": true,
 "commonjs": true,
 "es6": true
 "rules": {
 "no-undef": 1, //

Can you do such a thing

var path = require('path'),
 node = require('node');
 //Then quote like this
 path.resolve(node.__dirname, '/scripts'),
 "browser": true,
 "commonjs": true,
 "es6": true,
 "node": true
 Add a node environment configuration here!