Joint application of node.js and less to project development

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Recently studying less, the official website said that if you want to use less in the project, you’d better use node.js on the server side, but I’m not familiar with node.js, how to configure the development environment of node.js and less, so that the two can be combined perfectly. My computer is windows, with wampserver installed, and I use IDEA editor, asking for expert advice, and I’d better give a tutorial, Kneeling xie!

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lessIn fact, you can simply understand it as slightly simple programming language featurescss, such as inlessInside can declare variables, nest, reference other files, and createmixinIt has nothing to do with the server. I just need you to install onenodejsAnd then through somenodejsCompile the following toolslessbecomecss.

This is a bit too much, but I still recommend you to try this:generator-es6-angular, through this generator, directly generate a small project, inside is to uselessThe