Js executes the command hexo d -g or hexo clean and then reports this sentence.

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1. After installing node, hexo, etc. on centos6.5, and then executing hexo d -g or hexo clean, the following error occurs
2.Native thread-sleep not available.
`This will result in much slower performance, but it will still work.
You should re-install spawn-sync or upgrade to the lastest version of node if possible.
Check /usr/local/node/0.10.24/lib/node_modules/hexo/node_modules/hexo-util/node_modules/
cross-spawn/node_modules/spawn-sync/error.log for more details
How to solve this problem?

apt-get install spawn-sync
Cannot install upgrade
apt-get update spawn-sync

Also, the best way to install your node is to download the latest source code and compile it yourself.