Js file loaded from server is incomplete

  node.js, question

The last file on my server is as follows:


The problem is that the file can’t be loaded completely (I checked the source file on the server, and it is complete), that is, the code will be disconnected when the browser opens and scrolls to the end.

And I loaded the same code completely yesterday, and this problem occurred after I changed other files today. I rolled back to the version that had no problem yesterday, but still had this problem.

And, the same code, at this moment I can load the complete in the local server environment.

Seek ideas!

Now follow up:
Later, we found the reason: this is a test server, the disk space is relatively small, there is a recording service in the service, causing the disk space to fill up quickly.

Later, it happened again: this time there were not many recording files, but the disk was full. later, it was found that there was one in the process.