Koa-favicon, has anyone used it? We have a problem.

  node.js, question

1. When I changed the chart, the icon displayed in the browser did not change.

2. After I cleared the Browser Caching, no icon will be displayed in the browser. Favicon.ico, which I have set up, will not be displayed either.
What is going on here?

3. Update: Clear Browser Caching before operation. Firefox Browser Successfully, Google Chrome Still Does Not Display Icons.


The “Saint Seiya” is my page. Look, the picture is blank. What should I do?

After one day, it will automatically be ready, and Google can correctly display the icon.

I didn’t use this plug-in when I used koa. I’ll go to the company and look at its code later.
Favicon is a request for static pictures, so why do you have to use this plug-in?