May I know how the front and back end cooperate in developing SPA website and how to use gulp?

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I am currently developing a single-page website, using AngularJS. At this stage, I am writing all CSS and JS version numbers by hand. Now I want to join gulp to help me build it automatically, and there are problems.

  1. Because it is a single page, I didn’t make static page first, then dynamic page, or ask how to do it?

  2. If I compress the CSS and JS and add them to the page manually, I will have a lot of trouble adjusting the page. php is used in the back end.
    Ask everybody how to do this kind of development? Thank you

Question 1: We are also writing css and html and js at the front end, which is not static before dynamic.
Question 2: gulp can automatically compress js and css, then Message-Digest Algorithm 5, and finally automatically replace them. .
Ps: The front and back ends are completely separated, php only provides restful interface