Meteor1.2.1 version 1.2.1 does not support this angularjs writing?

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Has been reporting this mistake, is this version hungry and does not support this writing? How should it be written?


After a long delay, I always came to write down the solution.

Meteor 1.2.1Two component views have been updated in angular templateOfficial documentsIn add Angular 1 this piece just wrote

It’s time to add Angular 1 to our stack!

Because we decided to work with AngularJS in the client side, we need to remove the default UI package of Meteor, called Blaze.

We also need to remove Meteor’s default ECMAScript2015 package named ecmascript because Angular-Meteor uses a package named angular-babel in order to g et both ECMAScript2015 and AngularJS DI annotations.

So let’s remove it by running:

$ meteor remove blaze-html-templates

$ meteor remove ecmascript

Now let’s add the Angular 1 package to Meteor, back in the command line, launch this command:

$ meteor add angular

This package takes care of connecting Angular 1 to Meteor and includes the latest Angular 1 library code into our app.
That’s it! Now we can use Angular 1’s power in our Meteor app.

Ok, because html has two plug-ins processing html files, there is a conflict. angular-templates, templating, delete blaze-html-templates and ecmascript, and then preserve angular-templates.

In addition, js meteorological 1.2.0.x officially recommends ecmascript, which is the transcoder of es6. however, angular-meteorological comes with angular-babel. if you use angular-meteorological, please follow its documentation!

Ok! Please attach the detailed address.Meteor plus angularjs to realize light forum series 1