Mongodb cannot find the file

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I installed mongodb todUnder the plate, the items are also placed inddisc
However, the newspaper could not find the file when setting it up. What happened? ? My system is window10

D:\ application installation directory \ \bin>mongod --dbpath=D:\ = d: \ project file \ nodejs \ db-port = 27018
 2016-10-07T08:36:40.659 plus 0800icontrol [initandlist] mongodbstarting: PID = 240port = 27018dbpath = d: \ project file \ nodejs \ db64-bithost = desktop-fdq6j87
 2016-10-07T08:36:40.659 plus 0800 icontrol [initandisten] targetminos: windows 7/windows server2008 r2
 Dlisten] exception in initandlist: 29datadirectory d: \ project file \ nodejs \ dbnotfound., terminating
 2016-10-07T08:36:40.663 plus 0800icontrol [initandlisten] dbexit: rc: 100

Does the db directory exist?