Node.js,oracle debugging encountered a problem.

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It says
The -tns here should be What?

This content is too much.

It says

I don’t know if I have pasted it completely. The running environment is centos7, Node. JS, Redis, Async, Oracle and PM2 are all installed.Can you tell me how this should be debugged and run to see the time?Thank you

Ps: I am a small phper, because the company is now going to do a node.js middleware project, and my js is only used for interaction, and the source code of jq is not clear. Because the people who do this are not in the same place and are very busy, and they don’t expect me to help them, so they basically do their own research, but I can’t find the door. I feel confused when looking at the js code he wrote. I also read the js rhinoceros book myself. I probably didn’t read it very carefully, so I didn’t understand it. I also want to point out what kind of materials should I read to learn jq source code and node js code, thank you.

Commissioning? Does it mean to print log when running sql statements? Personally, I think debug mode needs module support, that is, oracle module.

In addition, jQuery source code to read, you can read a book, “javascript Ninja Secrets.” Jq author wrote, jq essence and design methods are basically written. Personally, I think that book can even be called jQuery source code analysis.