Node often gets stuck.

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In the process of using node, inexplicable stuck situations often occur. It is not that the program does not respond, but that the inexplicable program stops and does not go down. Press a key casually in cmd to continue.

This problem occurs when node runs server and gulp compiles.

I use gulp to compile and lift the chestnut. The compilation is stuck in the middle. I will not continue to compile. I must press a key casually in cmd before he will continue to go down. also happens frequently. The file changes. gulp does not respond. You have to press a shortcut key in cmd before you continue.

I don’t know if it’s node or cmd. Node has tried several versions, and the current version is 0.12.4

You used itwindows? , checkcmdTheConsole window properties->Options->Edit optionsInside’sQuick edit modeIs it selected?

If it is selected, it is likely that you stopped because you accidentally clicked the mouse.cmdSomewhere inside, atQuick edit modeNext, when the mouse clickscmdAfter everything in, all running processes will get stuck until you tap any other key.

The solution is also slightly simpler. Remove that oneQuick edit modeI wish I could